Wembley extension planning..

We have been successful in gaining planning permission for a large residential extension in Wembley. It will give two extra rooms and an h shaped rear extension. The client is very pleased, and his father will be cared for there.

Islington planning application success

Plans approved! A dormer window with a balcony, a full width kitchen extension into the rear garden, and a bay window extension into the front garden have been given planning permission for this house. This will increase the useable space in the house significantly. April ’16

Artist house Californian desert

We pitched to design a house in the desert by Los Angeles. The house has a brise soleil above to protect it from the intense sunlight. Walls are made from adobe as per the international building code council. It has an art sudio and office as well as residential use. May ’16

Camden Flat extension Update!

This L shaped extension which got planning despite initial refusal, and which is BIG (35sqm) for a flat in London has been delivered by the builders on time. The clients are very pleased! We are happy for them too! Its been a joy working with them, and their lives will be transformed. Dec ’15

Wembley house update

Designate Design Ltd have been appointed as the designers and architectural practice for a loft extension on the top floor and a garden extension for a house at The Dene. The works include a fully accessible bathroom on the GF, so that an elder family member can live more easily. Nov’ 2015

Islington planning application

We have been appointed for the enlargement of a terraced house in Lambton St, Islington. The application requires four seperate applications in order to gain the space needed. May ’15. Update! 4 applications submitted successfully, waiting for approval! Nov’15

Listed building pre application

May ’15. We are preparing an application for refurbishment of part of a ninteenth century building in South Devon. Monkton Wyld Court is a centre for alternative living with organic fruit, vegetables and free roaming animals on site.

Glentham Rd £3m superpad

March ’15. We have been appointed for work on a 450 sqm three floor house in W. London that was previously an office. The client is Urban Associates. Successive feasbility studies are complete, and the largest building is proposed to maximise returns.

House conversion in Southwark

Designate Design has been appointed for the conversion and enlargement of a house in Southwark. We are taking steps to convert the building to flats and we are at the first stages of the application. The surveyors are on site. January ’15

Southwark Planning

November ’14. We have been appointed to enlarge the top of a house in Staffordshire St. with a loft conversion. Permission had been granted, but 3 years had elapsed, so a new app is necessary. Dec ’14- Application granted by Southwark Council!

Extension in Camden

A planning application has just been given approval in principle by Camden planning department. It will give the occupants an extra bedroom, sn extra bathroom, and a large kitchen and lounge living area: February 14

DD to build penthouse

A top floor flat sitting on an existing 4 storey building will be drawn up by Designate Design. We have just been appointed. Its on Dulwich Rd in Herne Hill and we will provide building information for the contractor. August 2013

Planning app for a house, Brixton

Designate design have just been appointed to develop a house in Lambeth to make a large loft usable. This is for a large family house in Herne Hill. The ridgeline of the roof will be raised and a new wet room and stairs will be built. June 2013

DD to build school extension

Designate Design have won the tender to build a school extension in Portslade, beating two competitors to the post! We are starting the concept and tender stages immediately! The client is the the Swedish Folk School/Loxdale Centre. January 2013

Planning provisionally granted

Two houses, nicknamed “Narnia” houses on a sensitive site in Portslade have been given permission in principle by Brighton Council. The planners would like changes, but generally accept that two houses on this Portslade site are acceptable. April 2013  

Wandsworth School extension

Designate Design have been asked for a proposal to extend a private nursery school in South London. The site sits next to a cemetry. and the space is limited. The proposal includes a penthouse on the top floor, and a basement.

Primrose Hill Extn complete

Designate Design have completed a glass roofed extension, in the face of opposition from the local planning authority and handed over the project, fully built and beautiful! It has been a great project, results exceed expectations. February 2013

Looking for sites £5-10M

Designate Design are interested in buildings worth £5-10M for purchase by an Eastern property developer to add to their portfolio. We are looking for buildings in Westminster Kensington and Chelsea. Please contact us if you know of suitable properties.